Newly launched in April 2016, Benetta is a luxury phinisi liveaboard which cruising to the fantastic dive sites in eastern Indonesia such as Komodo Island, Banda, Alor, Wakatobi, Ceram, Cendrawasih Bay and Raja Ampat. Benetta offers a wonderful experience featuring komodo dragon, manta rays, tranquil pink sandy beach, uninhabited island with crystal clear water and twinkling stars filled nights.

Benetta is specially designed for diving and cruising as well. 2 Divemasters to lead maximum of 8 divers to best diving spots while ensure your well-being and safety are our top priority. Lots of fun activities for non-divers such as snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, and trekking.

This 25 m luxury phinisi has 4 cabins which well fitted for 8 passengers. Boasting a spacious upper deck cabin for you to chill and relax under the stars on luxurious mattress with comfy pillows and protected by removable roof cover. Each cabins are equipped with toilet, sink, hot fresh shower water, Air-con, comfortable bed, TV, 24 hours water and electricity supply.

Yacht Specifications

Year built 2016 brand new
Beam Iron wood
Cabin Teak wood
Length 25 meters
Fuel 2000 litres
Flag Indonesia
Engine Mitsubishi 6D16 200 HP
Generator Isuzu C223 16 KVA
3 rooms with double bed
1 room with 2 single bed
Full Air Conditioner in all rooms
6 to 8 guests
6 crews
2 dive masters

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The easiest way to see coral reefs and the fishes that everyone can do. You just need the skill to stay afloat and breath through your mouth.

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Scuba Diving

If you want more than stay afloat the surface and want to engage with what is down there, scuba diving is fun activity. Enroll into diving class and get certificate.

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Indonesia is chain of mountains. Let's hike! All you need is a pair of good shoes and will. There is more than sunrise await.

   Diving in Raja Ampat

1,400 species of fish and still counting, over three quarter of the world's hard coral species, and more than half of the known soft corals. Even though these are superlatives, some of it is old news, especially for people who have dived in Raja Ampat before. Raja Ampat in 2010 was declared as a sanctuary for the sharks. There are many exciting dive sites in a large area.

Diving in Komodo  

Komodo island is most famous as the habitat of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard. Varanus komodoensis is a varanid or monitor lizard. This alert, and agile predator and scavenger can reach 2.5 meters in length and 125 kilos. Locally called ora.

Diving in Alor

It may not be the easiest place to access, and facilities are very limited in comparison to other areas, but this is one of Indonesia's most stunning underwater archipelagos. Alor seems to have everything: sharks, critters, rays, dolphins, whale sightings, pristine reefs, adrenaline-pumping currents, astonishing visibility. Diving in Alor is well worth every bit of the journey to get there, and more.

Diving in Banda   

Best time to dive between November and March in the dry season with consistently spectacular diving. Snorkeling and diving some of the world’s finest accessible coral gardens in the historically fascinating Banda Islands.